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A Quick Breakdown of SEO

Our Story

We stumbled into SEO by chance. What began as helping our friends grow their businesses, we started learning SEO. That's how we started. Little did we know then that what originated as a hobby would become our full-time job. We have grown a lot since then, but our commitment to perfection remains.

You can't afford not to have SEO

The easiest way to explain SEO is to say it is the same as Googling it.

What is SEO?

Why is SEO so Important?

Do I Really Need SEO?

SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and receive relevant traffic from search engines.

If Google doesn't find you, potential clients won't either.

SEO is important because it assists search engines (Google, Bing, MSN) understand your website and its content. Set your website apart from your competition, add keywords, informative content, professional pictures, and a reason to visit.

It can then identify whether it is relevant to a searcher's query.

Drive Traffic To Your Site

Search engine results are useless to users if the website information doesn’t relate to the search term or if the product descriptions are outdated.

Do I Really Need SEO?

We know cell phones aren't going away, phone books aren't coming back, and using a pager to find your friends isn't a thing, so if you embrace technology, it can work magic for you.

If you want your website to naturally generate traffic without you having to advertise on social media every day, then you need to pay attention to your SEO.

Unless you've lived under a rock for the past 15 years, you understand the efficiency Google has brought to our everyday lives.

Search engines provide users with the most relevant and up-to-date information to match the search term entered. Think of how many times a day you hear the phrase “Google It” or “What did Google say?”

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