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The Complete Rebrand of Vera Roasting Co.

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The Complete Rebrand of Vera Roasting Co.


December 2022


New Hampshire

The Complete Rebrand of Vera Roasting Co. is a fascinating case study that highlights our marketing expertise and creative vision.

Our team was challenged to transform the Vera Roasting Co. brand identity from top to bottom, reimagining everything from its logo and visual identity to product packaging and marketing collateral.

As a result of our extensive research into the brand's history, values, and unique selling points, we developed a brand strategy that incorporated elements of luxury, sophistication, and craftsmanship.

The new logo features a refined typography and elegant graphic elements that express quality, boldness, and sustainability.

This new identity was then seamlessly integrated across all of Vera Roasting Co.'s products, advertising materials, and online presence.

We developed a stunning series of product packaging designs that conveyed the strength of this new brand image, with a focus on impeccable printing on high-quality materials.

We created a new e-commerce website and online store, with optimized flows to enhance the user experience and drive sales.

They were also integrated with social media and other marketing channels to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive brand presence.

The Complete Rebrand of Vera Roasting Co. showcases our ability to transform a brand's identity from the ground up and present a new vision that stands the test of time and reinforces their leadership in the competitive coffee market.

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