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The Ruler brands are those that can give the globe the safety and stability we all long for

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

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Imagine where we would be if there were no structure or order in our life. Despite the ease with which authority, control, and power can be abused, chaos nevertheless needs to be controlled.

The brands that deserve the title of Ruler are those that can give the globe the safety and stability we all long for.

  1. PROMISE: Power is what moves the world


  3. GOAL: To foster growth and prosperity

  4. FEAR: Disorder; overthrow

  5. Exert strong leadership

  6. GIFT: Accountability and initiative

  7. MOTIVATION: Consistency

The Ruler Brand Examples Archetypes Putnam Marketing

All About the Ruler

Attempting to control chaos in order to avoid it. The Ruler works to get (and maintain) authority because they want to feel comfortable and secure.

Attracted to things that are robust, ageless, and of the highest quality. He loves rules and regulations. This archetype wants to assist others in achieving success and security since it sees itself as a role model for others to follow.

Rulers follow the rules and conduct “correctly,” as the name suggests, and they also want others to do the same. Consider the extreme of a watchful mother rearing a responsible child.

A brutal dictator at the other end is vying for control of the world’s nations. There is a vast spectrum that expresses the archetype between the two extremes.

For example, the Ruler archetypes around us, we can look at Donald Trump, Verizon, Microsoft, Rolls Royce, Rolex, and Hugo Boss.

Using the Ruler Brand

The Ruler Brand Examples Archetypes Putnam Marketing

Clearly, visible ruler branding can be seen in sectors like security, technology, banking, and government. They are suitable for any company that provides high-end goods or services.

Marketing strategies they employ will appeal to consumers’ desires to be significant, powerful, and prosperous. Imagination is frequently formal, statuesque, regal, or refined. Costs range from moderate to expensive.

Within Ruler brands, there is a hierarchical organizational structure as would be expected, and positions are clearly defined.

These organizations have a tendency to be extremely stable, functioning, and ordered, but they frequently lack the ability to respond quickly or change since decisions must follow a chain of command.

Ruler brands frequently expand through acquisitions, absorbing their rivals and the underdogs.

The Ruler Archetype’s Various Levels

Level 1:

Taking ownership of one’s life is level. Level 2:

Serving as an organization’s or family’s leader. Level 3:

Ascending the ranks of leadership within the community or in the government.

The Whole Family

One of five connected sub-archetypes described in the book Archetypes in Branding, The Rulers archetype is based on the relative strength of numerous traits, and the many elements of the Ruler archetype emerge.


​​Rulers have a strong sense of self-assurance and a natural drive to lead. They must feel in charge and competent due to their shown knowledge or skill.

This sub-archetype aims to produce harmonious and effective surroundings. Its vulnerability stems from a desire to maintain control; as a result, it may overcompensate by becoming too authoritarian.


A Sovereign exudes a sense of power and authority. The Sovereign maintains tradition while maintaining control and propriety in public. The Sovereign carries a great lot of responsibility and tries to behave accordingly, despite the fact that they can sometimes fall into the trap of entitlement.


Judge challenges wrongs that need to be righted by using judgment and knowledge, giving society order.


​The Ambassador sub-archetype acts as a mediator to settle conflicts. The ambassador uses cunning moves to restore harmony in troubled relationships or difficult topics. This sub-archetype faces difficulties because of the potential for abuse of its power.


​As the head of the household, the Patriarch upholds law and order and offers safety. This sub-archetype provides for those beneath it with courage and leadership, creating a sense of security. However, the Patriarch must exercise caution to avoid adopting an autocratic management style.

The Ruler Consumer

Frequent concerns about their reputation, position, or prestige. They are drawn to Ruler brands because they want those brands’ potent perceptions to affect how other people view them.

Natural leaders and Ruler customers frequently have a vast list of accomplishments to their credit and are great achievers. They are therefore burdened with a great deal of responsibility and dislike following commands from others.

Consumers of Ruler are frequently extremely patriotic and deeply appreciative of their nation’s laws, customs, and history.

People of the Ruler Archetype have a more basic sense that they should be catered to by society. No standing in line, no being treated second-class, and no asking again. Those who don’t want special treatment will at least be appreciative at the higher level.

Brand Examples

Brand Examples Archetypes Putnam Marketing


Verizon firmly believes they are the “only number one,” as the saying goes. No matter where you are in the country, their assertion that they are better than everyone else is regularly supported by a number of sources and independent research.

Keep in mind that, especially in light of current headlines, the vulnerability of being a Ruler is the propensity to be overbearing. Verizon’s Ruler’s propensity to ignore or mistreat employees is alarming for a firm that makes billions of dollars.


Because of its widespread recognition and pervasiveness in our lives, Microsoft is generally regarded as a vital and reliable brand with wide appeal. However, throughout the years, Microsoft has been the target of numerous antitrust cases due to its quick ascent to supremacy.

Even though the corporation is now acting more cautiously, it finds it difficult to overcome the negative perceptions that were fostered by its misuse of the Ruler archetype.

Thankfully, they are no longer seen as the “schoolyard bully” but rather more as the “class president,” although not everyone is convinced that they aren’t still striving to maintain their monopoly.

Royce Rolls

This Rolls-Royce commercial combines luxury and power with a passionate rendition of Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

Hugo Boss

The name speaks for itself. In this ad for men’s cologne, Hugo Boss, a retailer that specializes in designer apparel and fragrances, employs strong expressions like “go all the way,” “remain noble,” and “man of success.” (Gerard Butler’s seductive Scottish brogue helps, too!)

Are You Have a Ruler Brand?

Does your brand market high-end goods? or those that guarantee security and safety? Are you the industry leader? Or is your long-term strategy to take control of the market?

Do you favor a highly organized workplace? Do you have a regulatory role in your town or industry? Any of these yes/no responses can turn you into a Ruler brand.

Still not sure which archetype defines your brand? Take the brand archetype quiz to find out your results and then check out an overview of the 12 brand archetypes to learn more.

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