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    There are so many cool resources out there for design, marketing, charts, and ideas. I've started putting them together to keep myself organized and thought I'd share them with you. Your company needs to have a strong digital presence in this digital world. The best way to achieve online success is by having a solid SEO strategy. SEO can help you increase your organic traffic and get highly-qualified users to discover your website and learn about what you have to offer. With a good SEO strategy, your website can reach far more viewers for much longer than any ads of the same price could. According to our research, the implementation of a good SEO strategy can help you increase organic page views and visits by up to 20% in just six months and even more with additional strategies. If you have any questions or comments about this proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact me by responding to the email this proposal was attached to. Your company's website design and internet success can be enhanced to the extent so as to help a ton of traffic into your site. Let a professional Web optimization organization that has a long time of involvement in this space so that it can help to achieve the objectives that you hope to be. An expert and expert Organization is obliged to give a site that will assist you in changing your site to keep up and improve on what the web indexes envision it should be. 1) Buy A Website Name 2) Publish On Social Networks 3) Add Styles 4) Add At Meta Descriptions, title tag, anchor text, and high quality meta tags 5) Build Backlinks 2. Commit (read) a long time of involvement in Web optimization 3. Take My Money! If you have a significant amount of traffic, and/or thousands of visits each month, I'm pretty sure Google will automatically index your page, regardless of its URL. As for the rest, here are a few points to consider: A user can report a page that is spam, or does not work for them. Google can then remove that page from its index, and other search engines might as well. Perhaps more importantly, the URL is not shown in most clients, so SEO is hard to do unless you are: Aware of your URL. Carefully monitoring analytics data (if you're using Google Analytics) to look for your pages, and easily noticed a new entry Lucky enough to be seen. This is why so many companies use just the H1 or H2 HTML tag (but no H1 tags or even meta title attribute, for obvious reasons). They can see them, and since they're linked in your H1 or H2, they don't need to wait until someone else clicks on them, but they're still on the page for eternity. EDIT: You don't have to worry about page age. If you can show a fresh, random image, that's ideal. Ideally, you'll be able to crawl content as you write it and do this in such a way that any new pages are updated at the same time as the old pages are updated (so you don't have a sudden gap in old content). That's probably the best and most robust way to do it, but it does mean keeping your data (especially images) separate from your content. You can tell Google to penalize links to removed pages (page=parameters), but unless your pages are deleted (which would mean they weren't working), that's unlikely to be a concern, unless you have a significant number of pages. Some suggestions: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Ask your clients to like your site. Ask your clients to link to your site Ask everyone you can to give you one backlink. While it's not SEO (in a literal sense), the "People linking to me" pages can help you. Have fun! An easy way to find the most popular blogs is to perform a Google search on a keyword relevant to your topic. For example, if you want to learn how to design a website, you may search the term web design blogs to find websites that are highly ranked in search engines. This will give you an idea of which sites are viewed by most internet users, so you should give those sites a try to get your content out in front of the internet. Once you've done that, then it's time to start promoting your site.

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    There are no mysteries on the most proficient method to rank high with the significant web indexes because compelling site improvements are presently colossal. What is website streamlining? Before we examine that thing, you need to see first how web crawlers work and a touch of ability. Web crawlers are giving their clients the most applicable and state-of-the-art data to coordinate with the inquiry term utilized. They are refined bits of innovation that permit clients to rapidly discover applicable sites via looking for a word or an expression. Web search tool results are futile to clients if the data doesn't identify with the inquiry term or again if the outcomes are old. Individuals expect the most current and new data that is helpful to them. Refreshing your site each day and adding a few materials will assist you with getting seen by the web crawlers. Thus, if you sell any kind of item or administration on the web, you need to streamline your site for the web indexes, to support traffic and deals. It is because more than 90% of your business will probably come straightforwardly from web search tool results. What's more, therefore, streamline your site for web search tools for you to have the best arrangements in the whole world. Site design improvement (SEO) is the interaction by which website admins or online entrepreneurs use key duplicates to expand their site's status. Surely, the web has developed so quickly throughout the long term, and the opposition for the best internet searcher position has made a huge market. Thus, a superior comprehension of the crucial components of Search Engine Optimization is imperative for an online business' prosperity. Utilizing successful website streamlining methods will further develop the page rank of your site. Numerous stunts can Undoubtedly page rank; the best technique is to give great substance reliably. This appears to be a basic idea; however, multiple sites neglect to provide content that guests find intriguing. Destinations that offer intriguing, elegantly composed, and consistently refreshed range make exceptionally drew in guests who are bound to get back to the site in the coming days. Along these lines, if you can separate your site from those exhausting, inert locales, do it. You'll, without a doubt, have a bit nearer to accomplishing high page rank through site improvement. The following critical factor for a compelling website improvement is to incorporate watchwords and expressions inside your substance. To ensure that you are appropriately focusing on your market, you need to ensure that the watchwords and expressions you have on your site are the catchphrases and expressions that your site is upgraded for. The more keywords you use in your substance, the more probable it is that online guests will discover your web page when exploring those words. On the off chance that you are unfailing with these strategies, your general website streamlining will increase your page rank. You ought to likewise need to foster a connecting system as a piece of your website streamlining. In addition to the fact that this provides free publicizing for your site, it establishes the connection that your site is primarily on its associated joins. For each contact you have pointed back to you, that is one more opportunity for your likely client to discover you. The more inbound links you have highlighting your site, the higher you will be positioned in the web indexes. Another is to foster a substance trick. Individuals who will look from the web are searching for data. The more data you accommodate them and the more supportive it is, the almost sure you will make the deal. Composing articles is the best method to develop content for your site. When writing articles to post on your site, ensure that you foster a reasonable method for organizing their substance. You can do this by essentially adding another page to your site. This will permit additional articles to be added as you keep in touch with them and permit you to develop a document of articles that will keep up with to draw online guests. Ensure that you have remembered your chronicled articles for an index that is close to the root web of your webpage so the web search tools will list your online reports. Continuously remember that website improvement strategies are significant in fostering your webpage's status. In light of that, ensure that you compose top caliber, watchword-rich substance and connect your site to and from a conscious group of different locales. These things will assist with working on your website's prevalence and force expanded business through your online business.

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    Putnam Marketing is the leading full service search engine optimization and digital marketing agency in New England. Companies across all industries from virtual design to construction have realized the importance of SEO. The popularity and visibility of your web design are vital in ensuring a high-ranking spot on any search engine. The more visible your website is to potential customers, through a number of campaigns; email marketing and social media marketing the better the chance it has to be noticed by major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, and MSN. The project team at Putnam Marketing is always at the forefront of search engine optimization and seo. We know that if you want search engines to notice your business, then their strategies have to be on point in order make a real impact on page rank. Putnam Marketing SEO plans include; search results, meta descriptions, page titles, title tags, link building, internal links, backlinks and any pay-per-click all play a role in where your website lands on Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies help to promote your website by using specific keywords, improving on-site optimization, and more. SEO is the process of optimizing your website for the search engines by increasing the ability of search engines to find and rank your content. The popularity and visibility of your website are vital in ensuring a high-ranking spot on search engines. SEO can be a dirty word for many small business owners as they hear it may be a great investment but also that you could be penalized. A penalty or a drop in rankings can cripple your business. I'm going to give you some tips on how to do SEO the smart way. The more visible your website is to potential customers, the better the chances it will be noticed by search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, and MSN. If search engines do not notice, the internet also ignores your company’s website and your company’s presence. As a result, you are nonexistent in the enormous online market. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies help to promote your website by using specific keywords, improving on-site optimization, and more. SEO is the process of optimizing your website for the search engines by increasing the ability of search engines to find and rank your content. What can you do then? What will you do to make sure that the search engines will recognize your website? The reason you own or manage a business is that you want it to gain financial success. But, of course, you do not want your website left hanging out there without a single visit or sale. Therefore, one of your company’s goals is to bring buying visitors to your website; this will help you bring traffic to your website and get a great ranking on the search engines. By now, you have at least heard of SEO or search engine optimization. If the acronyms confuse you, check our SEO Glossary for reference. To obtain the goals you want for your website, you must optimize your website. We’ll be honest optimizing your website takes a lot of work, so if you think you can’t do it, you can hire an SEO Company to do the work for you. But of course, do not hire just any SEO company; make sure it is the best one. Owning a business you want to make sure that it will gain lots of profits and be popular, but you can achieve this if you use search engine optimization. So yes, as mentioned earlier, working with an SEO Company can help you accomplish your goals. But you have to take time to find the best SEO Company. The Best and professional SEO company can guarantee the success of your website; with their methods, strategies, and experiences, they can assure you that you will gain traffic to your site and be on the top rank of the search engines. Yes, you know that many people use SEO internet for information, services, and products, using search engines. So if you will be on the top rank of the search engines, many internet users will visit your website. If you are looking for the best SEO Company, you can use search engines in doing so. You have to simply type the topic or subject of your website on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The search engines will give you plenty of results, but of course, all you have to do is open the top rank and look for the SEO Company that made it possible for the website to rank. Indeed, to gain the success you desire for your business, you have to work with the best SEO company that possesses the strategies, methods, and experiences that can aid any of your goals.

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    What We Do 01 BRANDING 02 STORYTELLING 03 DESIGN 04 CONSULTING Contact Us we connect brands to buyers and convert clicks to customers . At Putnam Marketing we create powerful brand experiences and digital marketing solutions that transform how your business communicates at every consumer touchpoint. Welcome! It's nice to meet you! I am Kate Putnam, the CEO and President of Putnam Marketing Putnam Marketing is New England’s premier SEO Company, since 2005 we have been helping hundreds of businesses in and around New England with their digital marketing strategies. We specialize in creating effective SEO and SEM campaigns tailored to your business goals and budget. MAXIMIZE THE ROI OF YOUR MARKETING Hire an integrated marketing company that specializes in producing seamless, stunning, smart brand communications and management. We maintain the ideas, expertise, and resources that lead you to make more informed decisions and ultimately create the best brand strategy for your business. • Define a successful brand strategy • Generate measurable traffic & leads • Centrally manage communications • Implement more efficient systems • Improve understanding with data • Discover new opportunities DOMINATE IN DIGITAL MARKETING There has never been a better time in the history of the world to reach your target audience for less and your competition knows it. Take advantage of the latest technology and best practices to accelerate lead generation and brand awareness online. Web Design & Development Online Presence Management PPC Advertising Learn More USE CREATIVITY AS A CATALYST One idea has the power to transform your business. One ad campaign. One viral video. One content marketing strategy. One creative agency to help your company communicate more memorably and effectively. Graphic Design Content Marketing Photo & Video Learn More BUILD A STRONGER BRAND A well-defined brand has the ability to alter perception and change behavior. It differentiates by design and has the opportunity to create a lifelong connection with each consumer it encounters. Putnam Marketing Website Design experts will help you make and keep that connection. Strategy Development Engagement Learn More TESTIMONIALS “Efficient. The one word to describe Putnam Marketing is efficient. They have been a pleasure to work with, bringing attention to detail to every project. Their communication style and people skills are excellent. They have some very innovative ideas and are very professional “ Michael Hansen , Business Owner Putnam Marketing redesigned and gave a new look to my website which is beyond my expectations. They are so dedicated who understood what I was looking for with her knowledge of marketing stand point. I can’t thank them enough!” Kazumi , Business Owner Our website was in desperate need of a facelift and the ability to change information regularly. Putnam Marketing turned it around for us quickly and exceeded all expectations! Jennifer , Business Owner Latest Blog Posts Putnam Marketing Aug 7 3 min Free Resources Putnam Marketing Jul 28 3 min Marketing Search Engine Optimization Putnam Marketing Jul 16 3 min SEO Web Development - The Smart Way to Success Putnam Marketing Jul 7 4 min What would you say... Portfolio Visit our portfolio page to see our latest projects Below you will find a comprehensive collection of our most recent projects. At Putnam Marketing we’ve built a team of passionate and career-focused professionals who put their knowledge and experience to the test with every project. Through a wide range of services, we craft customized campaigns for each client, ensuring that strategic objectives are met. Get in touch so that we can start elevating you to where you deserve to be. Construction Hansen Bridge Offering custom design, building, and installation of laminated timber bridges. ​ We offer custom design, build, and installation services to fit any need. Contact us with questions or to discuss your next bridge project. ​ Visit Page Clubs Rotary Club The mission of The Rotary is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. ​ ​ ​ View Page Health Peaceful Body Healing Healing chronic and intractable ailments takes a certain level of sensitivity, which I’ve honed in order to treat stubborn conditions with gentle methods. Get in touch to find out more. ​ ​ Visit Page Out of gallery

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    Freebies Who doesn't love freebies? These are some of the tools we use for the tried and true process that works. Title Goes Here I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text. It's easy to make it your own. Learn More Title Goes Here I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text. It's easy to make it your own. Learn More

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