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The JESTER | Brand Archetype

Who doesn’t want to have a laugh?! The position of the Jester archetype is to deliver everyone collectively to play and respect the pleasure in lifestyles.

The Jester


  • PROMISE: If you’re now no longer having a laugh, you’re doing something wrong.

  • CORE DESIRE: To stay withinside the second with complete enjoyment

  • GOAL: To have an awesome time and loosen up the sector

  • FEAR: Boredom or being boring

  • STRATEGY: Be humorous and playful

  • GIFT: Joy

  • MOTIVATION: Belonging

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All About the Jester

The Jester archetype represents living in the here and now. The life of the party, the Jester just wants people to lighten up and enjoy themselves! The Jester allows others to connect with their fun inner child — impulsive and unrestrained, not afraid to bend rules, not afraid to stand out, and comfortable in their own skin.

The Jester also has the ability to think outside the box, which leads to innovative ideas. This means that Jester is a master at brainstorming, reframing concepts, and presenting new perspectives. For example, a typical Jester M.O. would be to present a social issue or political agenda in a new light to highlight its underlying absurdity. Comedians are an obvious example of the Jester but are certainly not the only category that identifies as this archetype.

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The Jester Brand in Action

Jester brands tend to grab attention. The biggest draw is usually its cleverness. While Jester brands are commonly expressed in entertainment, you can also find them expressed in industries such as insurance. Geico or Progressive come to mind, both of which chose to take a more light-hearted approach in an otherwise serious industry.

Jester brands are not afraid to bend rules or be politically incorrect, and that can be reflected in brands making light of things that are perhaps actually serious issues or promoting something that is not actually good for you. We all know candy isn’t healthy, but let’s face it, those M&M commercials featuring the talking candy characters of Red, Yellow, and Ms. Brown are humorous enough to make us forget all about that.

The marketing of Jester brands may be unconventional, silly, or over-the-top.


Often bright colors are used and the action is high-energy. Jester brands may be especially drawn to utilizing virtual experiences like interactive websites or augmented reality apps.

The organizational culture for Jester Brands is loose and fun-loving.


Traditional “corporate” rules don’t apply here. Jester brands create their own way of doing things, and due to their out-of-the-box thinking, the culture is highly innovative in its operations or product offerings.

Still unsure of the archetype that best represents your brand? Test your knowledge of the 12 brand archetypes by taking the brand archetype quiz, and then review the answers to learn more.

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