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Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Brand Archetypes — Meet the Jester

Who doesn’t want to have a laugh?! The position of the Jester archetype is to deliver everyone collectively to play and respect the pleasure in lifestyles. As the last entertainer, the Jester is capable of making human beings sense properly — a sense that any logo would really like to have related to it.

Brand archetypes are the name of the game sauce to developing more potent manufacturers, and are vital devices for any advertising toolbox! To examine greater, examine the advent right here.


  • PROMISE: If you’re now no longer having a laugh, you’re doing something wrong.

  • CORE DESIRE: To stay withinside the second with complete enjoyment

  • GOAL: To have an awesome time and loosen up the sector

  • FEAR: Boredom or being boring

  • STRATEGY: Be humorous and playful

  • GIFT: Joy

  • MOTIVATION: Belonging

Real-World Examples of Jester Brands

  • Progressive

  • M&M’S / Geico

  • Jimmy Fallon

  • The Onion

The Jester Consumer

All About the Jester

The Jester archetype represents residing withinside the right here and now. The lifestyles of the party, the Jester simply wishes human beings to loosen up and experience themselves! The Jester permits others to hook up with their laugh internal child — impulsive and unrestrained, now no longer afraid to bend policies, now no longer afraid to face out, and snug of their very own skin.

The Jester additionally has the potential to assume outdoor the field, which results in revolutionary ideas. This approach the Jester is a grasp at brainstorming, reframing concepts, and offering new views.

For instance, an ordinary Jester M.O. might be to provide a social difficulty or political schedule in a brand new mild to spotlight its underlying absurdity. Comedians are an apparent instance of the Jester, however, is genuinely now no longer the best class that identifies as this archetype.

The Jester Brand in Action

Jester manufacturers have a tendency to seize interest. The largest draw is generally its cleverness. While Jester manufacturers are normally expressed in entertainment, you may additionally discover them expressed in industries including coverage. Geico or Progressive come to mind, each of which selected to take a greater mild-hearted technique and in any other case severe industry.

Jester manufacturers aren't afraid to bend policies or be politically incorrect, and that may be contemplated in manufacturers making mild of factors which might be possibly virtually severe troubles or selling something that isn't virtually proper for you.

We all realize sweet isn’t healthy, however, let’s face it, the ones in M&M’S classified ads presenting the speak me-sweet characters of Red, Yellow, and Ms. Brown are funny sufficient to make us neglect all approximately that.

The advertising of Jester manufacturers can be unconventional, silly, or over-the-top. Often vivid colorings are used and the motion is high-energy. Jester manufacturers can be specifically interested in using digital stories like interactive websites or augmented fact apps.

The organizational subculture for Jester manufacturers is free and laugh-loving. Traditional “corporate” policies don’t observe right here. Jester manufacturers create their very own manner of doing matters, and because of their out-of-the-field wondering, the subculture is notably revolutionary of their operations or product offerings.

The Different Levels of the Jester Archetype

There are stages to every one of the 12 one-of-a-kind archetypes. The decreased stages are much less mature even as better stages are greater developed.

Level 1: The Jester expressed a degree one sees lifestyles as a game. The best vital component is to simply have a laugh!

Level 2: Level is greater advanced. Here, the Jester is expressed through combining a laugh with resourcefulness/intelligence (ensuing in such things as sensible jokes, or locating approaches to get around policies). This is wherein cleverness and innovation are developed.

Level 3: At the best degree, the Jester is aware that lifestyles are lived withinside the second. If all we've got is today, we ought to stay every day to the fullest.

All within Family

There are one-of-a-kind elements of the Jester archetype which could emerge, primarily based totally at the power of numerous attributes. The ee-e book Archetypes in Branding breaks the archetype down into sub-archetypes for a complete of five (which include the number one Jester) to spherical out the family.


Life is a playground for the Jester. With a penchant for irreverent antics and an appreciation for the equal, the Jester lives completely in every second. Able to reframe views and be unafraid to talk out, the Jester can venture conference in fresh approaches. The venture going through the Jester is that of being too insensitive or insolent.


The Entertainer is playful and caters to an audience. Giving human beings an amazing display is all that matters. Quick-witted and notably adaptable, the Entertainer desires consistent stimulation and feedback.


The Clown hides at the back of masks on the way to distance itself from severe or taboo subjects on the way to discover them. Highlighting the absurd in this manner permits the Clown to poke a laugh and entertain at an equal time. This sub-archetype is at risk of exaggeration and drama to make others giggle.


The Provocateur can be debatable and polarizing, however, does so with the allure and aura that makes it a Jester sub-archetype. Of direction, the venture for the Provocateur is to now no longer come off as impolite and offensive. But as a herbal communicator and with an in-your-face mentality, the Provocateur stirs up change.


The Shapeshifter acts as a chameleon, capable of navigating various conditions and stages of consciousness. Challenging others to impeach assumptions, this sub-archetype is a catalyst to assist others to see matters differently. The weak spot for the Shapeshifter is the inherent instability that incorporates being so adaptable.

Real-World Examples of Jester Brands


Progressive’s spokesperson Flo is quirky and silly… precisely what coverage isn't. Yet, through aligning with this positioning, Progressive lives as much as its call and offers human beings a brand new manner to narrate to coverage.

Their “Name Your Price” device (cited withinside the video below) is an end result of revolutionary out-of-the-field wandering through the agency in 2009, while it changed into anticipated human beings might cancel their insurance altogether to shop charges throughout the financial downturn.

M&M’S / Geico

In a crossover industrial among Jester manufacturers, acquainted M&M’S and Geico characters meet in a surprising and smart ad.

Jimmy Fallon

Late nighttime speak indicates have Jester written throughout them, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon isn't any exception. While Jimmy Fallon himself has an Everyman appeal, first and essential he simply likes having a laugh.

If you’ve in no way heard Fallon speak approximately why he does what he does, he sums up his motive right here: “…If all and sundry is struggling at all, that is my job. I’m right here to make you giggle. I need to make you've got got an amazing time.” His technique of creating the sector a higher location is to “make you giggle and positioned a grin to your face, so you can… stay extended lifestyles. Isn’t that the entire aim of what we’re doing — have a laugh?”

The Onion

Satirical information supply The Onion takes modern troubles and gives them thru the lens of the ludicrous… direction girded through the unnerving undercurrent of fact. Sometimes blurring the road of political correctness with taboo subjects or reporting style, The Onion indicates it isn't afraid to talk on any information. In the funny video phase below, they subtly spotlight the factor that no person virtually is aware of what “the cloud” is.

The Jester Consumer

Jester purchasers have a tendency to be a more youthful demographic, even though of direction, there are human beings of every age who appear to be perpetually “younger at heart”. Jester purchasers are becoming off through severe subjects or those who are too severe, in order that they have a tendency to flock collectively with others of similar “carpe diem” attitude. They will keep away from doing matters which might be boring, although the one matters are vital.

Therefore, to marketplace correctly to Jester purchasers, manufacturers should discover approaches to be applicable and slice facets in how and what they communicate. This is specifically genuine if a logo wishes Jester purchasers to do something severe (like purchase coverage) — it's going to want to discover a manner to reframe the preferred motion to be greater in keeping with the Jester mindset and interest span. The zanier the higher! Jester purchasers respect creativity and cleverness.

Is Your Brand a Jester?

Does your logo assist human beings experience lifestyles or stay withinside the second? Do you've got got a laugh-loving subculture? Is being smart or quirky a technique you operate to assist human beings to see something differently?

If so, you will be a Jester logo.

Still now no longer positive which archetype defines your logo? Take the logo archetype quiz to discover your consequences after which take a look at out a top-level view of the 12 logo archetypes to examine greater.

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