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Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Brand Archetypes — Meet the Outlaw

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The Outlaw, the Rebel, and the Rule Breaker are three archetypes of the rebellious spirit.

The world's most powerful outlaws have distinctive brand identities. They can be found in everything from the clothes they wear to the way they interact with the people around them.

We all have a wild side, and the Outlaw logo archetypes faucets into our deep choice for nonconformity, to the factor of rebellion. The Outlaw throws apart societal norms and seeks to smash if best to construct matters up once more in the manner they ought to be. Viva los angeles revolución!

Brand archetypes are the name of the game sauce to developing more potent manufacturers, and are a vital device for any advertising and marketing toolbox! To examine greater, study the creation here.


PROMISE: Rules had been made to be broken.

CORE DESIRE: Revolution

GOAL: To smash what isn't working

FEAR: Being powerless

STRATEGY: Disrupt, smash, or surprise

GIFT: Radical freedom


All About the Outlaw

An inherently disruptive pressure, the Outlaw pursuits to shake matters up, whether or not for non-public advantage or for the best of others. Toward the poor cease of the archetype, the Outlaw is provoked to anger while encountering non-public offense. It doesn’t thoughts being feared via way of means of others, as worry is visible as energy.

Extremist agencies are nearly constantly an instance of the Outlaw.

On the fine cease, the Outlaw makes others uncomfortable with the popularity quo in hopes of evoking extra attention. For instance, many civil rights activists engaged in nonviolent demonstrations, but are nonetheless examples of the Outlaw archetype in action.

The Outlaw is a countercultural pressure able to liberate society’s taboos (sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll anyone?) and does so via way of means of tapping into the shadowy part of human nature. Any logo that seeks to free itself (or others) from repression and destruction freed from the winning dominant way of life is an Outlaw.

Examples of the Outlaw archetype, appearances to Robin Hood, Malcolm X, Harley-Davidson, MTV, Howard Stern, and Miley Cyrus.

The Outlaw Brand in Action

Outlaw manufacturers can both fortify questionable ethical values or can topple an oppressive regime. These manufacturers rely upon advertising and marketing that emphasizes chance-taking and a departure from the ho-hum popularity quo. This can be carried out via imagery that is both darkish and unfavorable or ambitious and modern. There is mostly a positive detail of surprise value, whether or not intense or genuinely a smart or sudden joke.

Brands representing relatively “healthy” or “normal” services or products will frequently name the Outlaw in a lighthearted manner, the usage of advertising and marketing cues to signify their logo is suitable while human beings need to experience only a little bit awful or set other than the norm.

The organizational way of life of Outlaw manufacturers is frequently pretty modern in and of itself, as personnel generally tend to become aware of Outlaws and the ardor they own is visible for the duration of their work.

The Different Levels of the Outlaw Archetype

Each archetype may be expressed at various tiers. The decreased tiers are greater primitive, at the same time as better tiers are greater mature or developed.

Level 1: Identifying as an intruder and consequently pulling far from traditional society.

Level 2: Engaging in surprising or disruptive behaviors.

Level 3: Becoming modern.

All within the Family

There are exclusive elements of the Outlaw logo archetype that could emerge, primarily based totally on the energy of numerous attributes. The ee-e book Archetypes in Branding consists of the Outlaw (Rebel) as one in every of 5 associated sub-archetypes.


The Rebel is a rule-breaker and a chance-taker. Fed up with convention, the Rebel pushes the envelope to result in social extrusion, a clean perspective, or a reawakening. However, with the ability to be fueled via way of means of anger and negativity, the Rebel needs to be cautious now and no longer overstep one too many obstacles in its quest for reform.


The Activist fights for a cause, trying to appreciably remodel a few monetary, political, or social structures. This sub-archetype believes that the energy of human beings has an effect on extruding, and rallying others in the back of its cause.


The Gambler flourishes on chance. There aren't any limits to what the Gambler is inclined to bet, which could cause dependency and compulsion. Yet, this sub-archetype is socially adept and has excellent instincts.


The free-questioning Maverick rejects any type of label or constraint. With an impartial streak a mile wide, the Maverick presentations intellect, aggression, and fearlessness at the same time as going in opposition to the grain.


The Reformer’s quest to have an effect on extrade is usually a touch greater understated and calculated than, say, the free-wheeling Maverick. Seen inside the roles of watchdog or whistleblower, the Reformer seeks to discover approaches to enhance the present device as opposed to smashing it completely.

Real-World Examples of Outlaw Brands


Harley-Davidson is the imperative mainstream Outlaw logo. For hog lovers, Harley-Davidson represents freedom from the inflexible constraints of society. As one unswerving rider positioned it, “A lot is anticipated from you, to be positive matters for a number of human beings all day long. And in case you don’t watch out, you won't understand who you virtually are. You mustn’t fear approximately any of that after you’re on a Harley. You are with yourself and your companion.”


While a few would possibly argue there are greater modern varieties of trade those days (like bitcoin or near-discipline verbal exchange through Apple Pay or Samsung Pay), PayPal despite the fact that positions itself as the “new cash in town” in a totally sturdy Outlaw fashion.

Communication Workers of America (CWA)

CWA is a hard work union that fights for social and monetary justice. Amid raised fists, pounding drums, and rally cries, CWA inspires the Activist sub-archetype of the Outlaw inside the video below.

The Outlaw Consumer

The Outlaw purchaser may also experience a castoff from the dominant way of life. (For instance, participants of minority agencies who experience marginalization.) Alienation is a trigger, which could cause anger. Outlaw clients get their kicks from carrying out unstable conduct and can participate in self-unfavorable acts so that they can experienceawful.” Young folks who are searching to “discover themselves” frequently push beyond the Explorer tendency and maintain proper alongside Outlaw popularity after they experience specific alienation.

Outlaw clients are attracted to the racy, surprising, or politically incorrect. They have a deep-seated choice for freedom. Yet, enormously enough, fringe Outlaw clients may encompass well-adjusted, law-abiding participants of a society who genuinely experience a want to allow off steam each now after which.

Brands that need to attain Outlaw clients will want to gauge their degree of extremism and act accordingly. In the case of fringe Outlaws, the first-rate manner to attain them is through mass verbal exchange. (Be forewarned, though — they do have a decreased threshold for surprise value.)

Brands with better modern recognition generally tend to keep away from the mainstream because of the ability to offend and could want to attain clients via focused unique hobby agencies and digital hubs.

Is Your Brand an Outlaw?

Outlaw manufacturers need to frequently stroll the first-class line, as they could now and again be perceived as offensive.

Take an examination of the goods or offerings you offer. Do they disrupt the popularity quo of your enterprise or society? What approximately is your patron base? Is it made of folks who experience odds with society at large? If so, yours simply can be an Outlaw logo.

Still no longer certain which archetype defines your logo? Take the logo archetype quiz to discover your effects after which test out a top-level view of the 12 logo archetypes to examine greater.

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