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What SEO Means and What it Doesn’t Mean

The ultimate goal is to help you get more site visitors and ultimately buyers.

A Facebook Business Manager in Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Market, Facebook Ads, Facebook Creator Studios, Google Ad managers, Google SEO Agencies, and Search Engines keep the focus on search engine optimization. These creators forget that professional SEO services and the best SEO agencies follow guidelines on what content is; website content is still website content.

What this means is they are producing promotional content is designed to cause Google to notice their site. Don’t forget that SEO agencies near you remember that your target audience (your site visitors) always comes first. Therefore, the content produced lately has one goal in mind; to make the content rank come first.

The best SEO companies know that all the traffic in the world doesn’t convert visitors into buyers. That's why - SEO services are producing SEO content that keeps the human visitor first.

Unfortunately, local SEO Agencies are getting a bad name because it is tedious and repetitive. Most of these pages would never have made it onto a site, except that the site owner wanted to rank higher for a specific keyword.

In the interest of salvaging the excellent name of search engine optimization, before it's too late, some SEO Agency guidelines are below.

SEO services list provide content that is:

  • Written for the visitor.

  • Unique and purposeful.

  • Natural-sounding - it flows.

SEO Agency Content Is Not:

  • Written exclusively with the engines in mind.

  • Mirrored, adjusted, or altered to create new pages by simply changing keyphrases.

  • Stiff, forced, or overly repetitive.

Good SEO Experts, Agencies, and Companies provide content that:

  • First, understand who you are writing to; buyers!

  • Attract buyers and sellers.

  • Choose what the focus of the page will be.

  • Create a plan outlining the message you want to convey.

  • Decide how best to communicate that message to your particular target customers.

  • Choose which key phrases will incorporate into the copy.

  • Make sure those keyphrases work well with the page and the planned copy.

  • Incorporate critical phrases as you write (not after you register) to flow naturally with the planned message.

The Don'ts for SEO Businesses:

  • Create a plan based solely on how to rank high.

  • Replace *every* instance of a generic term (car) with a keyphrase (red, convertible vehicle).

  • Add pages of copy simply to appease the search engines

  • Rely on useless keyword density ratios and formula

  • Shove keyphrases everywhere possible. (No, it won't get you banned, but it will sound completely ridiculous!)

SEO content production is not the process of writing exclusively for search engines. It is the process of writing copy to appeal to your visitors while including elements to help the search engines and your visitors understand what the page is all about.

If you remember who truly makes or breaks your site's success (your customers!) and focus on them, you're sure to create SEO content that brings buyers to your website.

For More SEO Tips and Tricks visit our Blog.

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